Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Always present radio

Imagine that you have your own personal radio channel and its always present. Your personal radio concists of an AI that gets to know you, and the more you interact with it the better it knows your taste. The user can choose to interact with either a voice or an interface, its all up to you. The best thing is that it is a new standard that all developers can use. This means that you can have it on your computer, phone, TV, in your car and of course in your stereo. You dont even have to sign in because you can with just one single action decide what unit that you want your personal radio to start playing on. By physically tapping on a device you choose which one you want to use. Say that you for example like to listen to a specific podcast, the AI can remind you that this weeks podcast is out and it can also tell you if there are other podcast that you probably will like. You can also tell it to make a jog playlist if you are planning to go for a jog, this can be done because the AI knows exactly which kind of music you would like to hear. That´s because it knows your taste and what you like to listen to while training. The AI can in a similar way choose different kinds of music for other moments and activities. It adapts the music depending on what you do and what you like. All you need to do is tell it what kind of activity you want it for or what preferences you have regarding music. For example, you might want to listen to music that suits your mood of the day.   

We would like to present a scenario to explain our idea further more:
You are sitting in a rented car heading to work and you have tapped it’s radio so that your personal radio is playing on it. You are listening to your playlist that you have created at home, but you find your own music boring. Therefore you ask it to play something that you should like but haven’t heard before. When you get closer to the city you suddenly get stuck in traffic and you ask it to play the latest traffic news from the area, and after that you ask it to play the latest news. The AI of course knows exactly which news you like, so it only plays that. After hearing the news you want to listen to your favourite podcast. The device knows that the latest episode is out and starts playing it at your command. Before finishing the podcast you arrive with your car at the office. You tap your phone against the car’s radio and continue to listen to the podcast as you take the elevator to the top floor of the building.  When sitting down at your desk you obviously want to finish listening and you simply tap you computer and the podcast seamlessly starts playing on your computer speakers. With your personal radio channel you’re always ready for another day of work.

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