Monday, October 3, 2011

This American Life

After Nancy’s lecture I felt like I had to listen to the full shows from some of the clips she played. Now I am totally hooked on “This American Life”! I would recommend everyone to listen to the show about the private contractors in Iraq that she played clips from during the lecture:

Click now!

I also recommend the show that is about Iraq seven years after the invasion as Nancy returns:

Click later!

Great storytelling and no images required! :)


  1. I started to listen to This American Life three months ago. I haven't listened to the radio shows you suggest above and I won't do it right now as I (over the next couple of year(s)? plan to listen to the whole back catalogue of 400+ radio shows!

  2. I think this is great what Nancy is doing with telling stories over the radio. When doing that you have to find the exact right recordings and be really good at telling a story in order to get us listeners to get the picture in our heads. I will definitely also listen to these shows.