Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Economic models of radio

Project idea

As in our group, when it comes to choosing appropriate economic models, we decided we could either try to adjust the present models in order to accommodate changing markets – or we can decide to map about a lush variety of dramatically different future scenarios and the economic models that could sustain within these futuristic ideas.

In order to pursue our main idea, it entails having contact with various other groups in order to paint a vast range of possible futuristic outcomes and use these scenarios to tailor them to the business model canvas. Once the mapping out has been done we will try to illustrate the development of radio from an economic perspective. Naturally some of the solutions will be a contrast of the dream vs. the nightmare scenario.

We will entail everything from how to sustain/increase revenue streams to what models will falter or fail.

Other questions

What is the likelihood of some of these business models killing radio or changing radio, as we know it? How big a part will advertising have on future revenues? Will product placement invade radio? Radio aggregation amplifying local radio?


The business canvas and various economic models will be used as the foundation of our project. The approach we have chosen to pursue is contacting different groups to outline their work so that economic perspectives can be related to all of them (or of the selected few). There will be a lot of creative work for the final presentation.

The presentation

The ideas will be presented in a bold manner, and we will use various form of graphic illustrations to present our solutions. We have decided to present our results in the form of a film or video sequence so as to give the spectator insight to our findings.

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