Sunday, October 2, 2011

Swedish local radio

Below, I have linked to a YouTube clip; the clip is an excerpt from a radio show
called Radio SMF on the local radio station Radio Trelleborg.
The radio show is in the format of a music and call-in program.
In the clip a lady by the name of Berit calls in and gives greetings to her family and friends.
To me, the show feels very local.
The show might be the stereotype of Swedish local radio (at least in my mind).
Will this radio show and similar radio shows survive the future?


  1. Haha classic clip! I think it's kind of charming with radio stations like these and I believe the recognition factor plays an important role for the survival of them. Because it's a show that make people feel at home, or maybe very far from home :)However, I have a hard time to see a future for these shows on the Internet since it's so spontanious. I believe Internet radio attracts a listener type that knows what he or she wants, but would your really make a consious choice to listen to a channel as this one where you don't really know what to expect?

  2. Is it for real? It could equally well have been a parody of these programs!