Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Car radio

Today's lecturer, Lars Jonsson, talked a lot about the technical aspects of future radio with DAB+ and a bunch of others. What I think is noticeable from both today's and yesterday's is that they seem to care a lot on how the car industry will adapt the new technology. Lars mentioned that Volvo will start to produce cars with the hybrid radio in 2014 but why is it taking them so long? Volkswagen will start to test a similar type of radio in their cars in 2011 and take the decision accordingly.
Toyota seem to be the car manufacturer that is closest to a release of smarter radios by introducing it in their 2012 editions of Camry and Prius.

As hybrid radio don't mean that FM is taken away why hasn't this been done sooner? Who causes the evolution lag in car radio?

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  1. Good question. Cost (until more do it)? But then again Lars said that the 6th (or was it the 5th) generation chip made it less expensive.

    I wonder how long it has taken the car industry in previous media shifts; to include cassette tapes, CDs, in-car entertainment systems (DVDs in the back seats) etc.

    A friend of mine had a car (2001) model where you needed to load a cassette of 6 CDs that was located in the trunk. That was it. If you wanted to change CDs, you had to park the car, open the trunk, lean in to retrieve the cassette and then exchange the CDs.