Monday, October 24, 2011

School radio/podcast

Project idea
Our main idea is basically to make a niched school radioshow/podcast about different subjects at the university, where local KTH “profiles” (mainly lecturers) are invited to participate and elaborate about their favorite subject. The character of the show would be of a documentary type but with a talkative entertaining twist, something like a mix between “P3 Dokumentär” and “Sommarpratarna i P1”. The target group of this show is students who are about to start, or has already started, to study a particular subject. By listening to the show students would get a fast and easy digestible content served in a entertaining way and hopefully be inspired to study the subject even further. Subjects that are extremely theoretical and hard to grasp or get a hold on, such as math or physics, could be emphasised to ease the understanding of the bigger picture. An important aspect though, is to make the podcast focus on a specific subject and to mediate why the particular subject is interesting, rather than propagate why a specific course is worth studying.

Long-term wise we hope that this new way of letting people/students explore university subjects from within the head of a lecturer will be applied on additional subjects, perhaps even for every subject available at KTH. These podcasts could accompany the existing course description to let the student get a broader perspective and motivate the student to further studies. All podcasts could also be available together at a single place on KTH:s website, especially for people just interested in a subject rather than a specific course.

We intend to interview a lecturer at KTH and let him/her elaborate about his/hers favorite subject. The interview will then be edited and compiled into a 10-15 minutes long podcast. The podcast will then be available to people/students wanting to get an insight into the subject from the lecturers point of view. Hopefully we will be able to test this concept on a course commencing this period and then let the students evaluate both the podcast itself but also the concept.

The presentation
At the final presentation we intend to introduce our concept and play some audio clips from some of the podcasts, as well as display some mock-ups from the course sites. We will also present the evaluation of the concept made by the students.

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