Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pay for Performance

Project Idea

In order to pay for performance in terms of radio, we feel that radio has to adapt. We believe it will exist in the future, but perhaps in a new form. Therefore we believe in a symbiotic relationship between games and radio. The reasoning behind this is that online games has been on the march for quite some time, but in some of them there's either required a competitive edge or the methods of immersion becomes more and more sophisticated (And it is not uncommon that games require both these aspects).

We believe in implementing radio in games as a way of saving radio as an entertainment- and information medium while greatly enhancing the gaming experience. This might be in the form of information-broadcasts concerning game-results or information regarding lifestyles in the gameworld.

Salvation of radio

What we mean with this as a potential salvation of radio is that as it stands right now radio might die. There has been quite some talk about radio being "butchered" into tinier podcasts as a current development, but if our idea takes hold, it might be a way to collect all relevant information in one channel.


There are quite some ways to make a profit through this idea. The question is if it stops with the purchase of the game, or if the radio-station is something maintained outside the game-system. Is the radio a digital object acquired in the game world or do you need a functional radio in the real world to access the information presented there?

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