Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Radio After Tomorrow

During dire straits information is of great essence. Both receiving information about what is causing the crisis, and communicating to the outside world how one’s situation is developing is of essence. What if the power grid goes down? What if all mobile communications goes down? In the future we won’t have set-top receivers for radio or TV. However, we will have some kind of radio receiver in our mobile devices.

Our scenario for our project:
  • Internet works as it does today, although it is faster and reaches further over the land
  • We are dependent on electricity even more than today
  • People do not have set-top radios in their homes
  • Digital radio is broadcasted and listened to through mobile devices. Both live and on-demand
  • Our mobile devices are even more advanced and “smart” than they are today
  • Better batteries (longer up-time)

Previously, radio played a big role in the dispersion of information during times of crisis. What role will radio play in the future?

  • Interviews with experts in the crisis area and radio communication: Henrik Olinder, SR, Smittskyddsinstitutet, Försvarsmakten, social media activists during the Arabic Spring
  • Literature study; previous studies in communication during crisis
  • Study the use of social media during crisis

  • Video
  • Some kind of live performance
  • Fun!

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