Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Public service of the future

The main concept of public service is to provide content for the public, for everyone, and this is also what our research question will be about. We will look at public service in Sweden and the work will therefore be based on the role of SR today, and what it could be in the future. Since we believe that SR is not among the leading companies when it comes to developing technical platforms, our focus will not be on technical solutions or how people listen to public service. It will rather be on what people listen to and why, and further what the product portfolio can look like to satisfy/attract many different target groups.

Research question:
What can the product portfolio of SR look like in the future to satisfy/attract as many target groups as possible?

Questions to be answered:
- What does the product portfolio of SR look like today?
- What purpose does public service content fulfill? Is it different depending on the target group? Satisfaction or attraction?
- How does different content satisfy/attract different target groups?
- How does SR reach several different target groups today?
- Which external factors affects the content of SR? For example political decisions, social trends
- What internal factors affects the content of SR? For example economic strength, ability to produce great content and attract good content providers

- Interviews with people on SR that understand the users and work close to target groups, product development and new concepts
- SWOT and STEEP analysis with focus on how the content will be affected
- Describing and specifying a future scenario for the presentation
- Creative work for the presentation, putting together for example a poster, video, radio show, images

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