Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Contextual radio (Personalized radio (Death of radio))


In recent years we have seen a trend with context based information involving GPS based localization, and “likes” that can be used to decide what information is more likely presented to the user. Also, the portability of information technology devices is an important trend; people can get access to content/information wherever they are, but they can also create content/information wherever they are. We have also seen that content and information is being more organized and structured; this is made possible by search engines and other services. Furthermore, tagging content has become usual, which makes it possible for users to index content. We believe that context can be used for presenting the right information to the user, which in the case of radio is audio.

Problem(problem area):

How can the most relevant content be presented to the user with as little effort as possibe from the user? How can we aquire the proper information from the user? How can we generate content from that information?


Based on trends mentioned in the background we will create a concept for future audio consumption. We imagine that the information is acquired from the users’ current situation. Examples: sound, pulse, location etc. This information can be used to present the right content to the users.


We will:

-Create a brief state of art analysis on our problem domain.
-Make an overall plan for the design process of the concept.
-Use different user situations to develop our concept.


We will vizualize the concept by showing different user scenarios, presented in a video.

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