Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Listening habits of the young generation

Thesis: To make kidz/teenz listen to radio in the future.

We want to find out more about radio listening habits of young people, aged 16-20 years, to be able to develop program concepts that these youngsters will find attractive.

Definition of radio: Content in some way distributed to a listener, the content is mainly, but not limited to, the form of audio. Extra material could be pictures or text.

Definition of future: 10 years from now.

How can radio find reliable future scenarios? Scenarios that can help them finding usable strategies for the future? We believe that technical development is pushed forward by individuals and trends in the society. To find possible future scenarios we will look into young people’s habits, attitudes and expectations. When we know what is perceived as attractive and usable, as well as what fits into the life style, we can start to develop products and services that fits into that lifestyle.

Problem (problem area):
“How can we make young people listen to radio in the future?” To study that question more closely we decided we have to break it down further into a new set of detailed questions about the listening habits of young people. How do young people listen to radio? When do they listen? Where do they listen? What device (cell phone, computer, other) do they use to listen? Do they listen alone or together with others? What content do they listen to? These questions are quite general, but they will hopefully give us a grasp of the listening situation as a whole. The understanding of the listening situation will be our starting point when we try to come up with well fitting innovative concepts that will make the target group want to listen to and be involved with radio.

Interviews with people who work with radio aimed at our target group and people from our target group. Interviews are quite time consuming but give possibilities for in depth discussions about attitudes and concepts.

Suggestions for people to interview: Someone working with radio for youth. Some young people. It could also be interesting to talk to somebody who does trend analysis concerning young people and media usage.

After collecting this material and analyzing it we will develop 5-10 radio (station/program) concepts that we will evaluate in focus groups with our target audience.

Focus groups with young people where we will present 5-10 radio concepts. The participants will be encouraged to answer questions about the concepts, rate and discuss them.

Finding suitable participants for focus groups is usually a challenge. One way, maybe the easiest one, is to pick younger persons from our own contact networks. However we are a little bit concerned that those participants will not represent the target group as a whole. To get a more representative selection of participants we think that recruiting in schools or youth centers could be good alternatives. That will require a little extra work since we then will need permission from the school and/or youth center.

Based on the evaluation in the focus groups we will decide on what concepts to keep and refine into the product we will present at the final presentation.

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