Sunday, October 2, 2011


SoundTransit is a site that has been around for some time but hopefully not all of you heard about it.

On the site you book a "transit" between different locations and when you're done you are able to download an audio file that contains a mix with field/ambient recordings from the locations you chosen and that slowly fades in and out of each other.
In the earlier version of the site this was the only way to listen to all the recordings, but now you can apparently also search for them (not equally interesting though).

Even if you don’t appreciate the audio content itself, I believe they have a very interesting way of presenting it and that might be a inspiration to some.

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    A pretty crude example on what many people has suggested with "niche channels" and the ability to pick your content. Essentially this is just a one-dimensional example but imagine multiple timelines with different content and we could potentially gaze into the future. It's crude but I think the example is clear enough.